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   Rafael Picon was born in a small town in Andalucia, Spain. Rafael’s village was near Puerto De Palos, from where Columbus set sail. Two discoverers seeking to experience the new world - America. As a young boy, Rafael began working in metal at age eight. He would help his father, Antonio, and his uncle Agustin craft steel and copper designs for the town’s churches and local buildings. Today Rafael is a skilled metal smith and sculptor who works in a variety of mediums. He describes his work as “Fused Functional Art”, using glass, copper, wood, bronze, marble, gold, silver, ceramic, and just about anything to create unique designs.

Rafael with "Liberty - Dream of Human kind"

Sculpture of Mary

St. Mary's Catholic Community
1136 Seminole Drive
Rockledge, Florida 32955


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Division of Cultural Affairs - Coordinates of Florida


The window of Pablo Picasso and his son. Aluminum, fused glass and stained glass


Sculpture of a lady coming out of the wall    Steel and Hydrocal

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