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This is the story of the construction of the Cross of Jesus Christ at Rafael's studio in Rockledge Fl.

Jesus is coming.


Beginning to work on the cross in Rafaels studio out of galvanized steel.  As the cross grew bigger (24 foot tall) it was moved to the yard to be lifted.


Lifting the cross and putting into position to finish welding the structure.


Lowering again to put on concrete stucco.


Testing terra cotta color for the cross.


After filling the cross with 1400 lbs of cement, and finishing the terra cotta coloring, the lifting begins.


Close to Heaven.


Celebrating and working on the 4th of July.


At this time after the measurements, the frame of the body is positioned on the cross to assure it fits.

Thanks to Jerry Hanzl and Jim Jensen for helping me with the monument of Jesus.

Pg 20     IMG_2957.JPG
Pg 19     IMG_0556.JPG
Pg 19     IMG_0537.JPG

Finally time to start adding details to the sculpture. 

Pg 20     IMG_2967.JPG
Pg 20     IMG_2972.JPG
Pg 20     IMG_2970.JPG
Pg 20     IMG_2969.JPG
Pg 23     IMG_3202.JPG
Pg 23     IMG_3203.JPG
pg 24     IMG_3262.JPG
Pg 24     IMG_3235.JPG
Pg 25     IMG_1599.JPG
Pg 25     IMG_0586.JPG
Pg 25     IMG_1593.JPG
Pg 27     IMG_2842.JPG
Pg 27     IMG_2987.JPG
Pg 26     IMG_1846.JPG

 In the sub conscience of my soul, Jesus was telling me to change the position of his right hand so He could caress people who approach. For about three weeks I did not pay attention. One morning I started to work on him and all of a sudden he came loose and fell on top of me. I tried to hold him but he is so big I could not handle it. He fall to the floor breaking his right hand and leaving the hand in the position that he wanted. 

 This is the most important part of this sculpture, the Face of Jesus. I remade it over 20 times until His spirit guided me to completion to bring life to his eyes and mouth. He is saying" I am the link to the Father" 

 Making the arms and hands of Jesus was a beautiful experience. Both are the same but in different positions. I did not have any problems with the left arm but the right hand and arm  drove me crazy because of the movement of the body. It is a special position that took many hours to master. 

 I had to model the arm position myself in order to get the correct angles and proportions to Jesus on the cross. 

 My sincere thanks to Mrs Cenaida Smudde for being a great artist and helping with the sculpture os Jesus. 

Pg 29     IMG_2986.JPG
Pg 28     IMG_3765.JPG
Pg 29     IMG_2991.JPG
Pg 30     IMG_3059.JPG
Pg 30     IMG_3014.JPG
Pg 30     IMG_3175.JPG
Pg 30     IMG_3070.JPG
Pg 31     IMG_3191.JPG
Pg 31     IMG_3186.JPG
Pg 31     IMG_3286.JPG
Pg 31     IMG_3266.JPG

 Beauty and joy came after 100's of hours of work, Jesus is looking the way he wanted it through my dream. 

 My friends Jerry and Cher Hanzl stop by to take pictures of the progress of the statue. 

 Many other friends also view the progress, Dr Baez, Mr and Mrs Wald and Gail Light. 

Pg 32     IMG_3297.JPG
Pg 32     IMG_2984.JPG
Pg 33     IMG_3043.JPG
Pg 33     IMG_3021.JPG
Pg 33     IMG_3027.JPG

 Cross Down. Making the sign, Painting the cross and testing the sculpture for the anchors, to make sure they fit.

Pg 34     IMG_3709.JPG
Pg 34     IMG_3308.JPG
Pg 34     IMG_3300.JPG
Pg 34     IMG_3707.JPG

  He  is happy with how the sculpture is progressing, He is ready to go to the Cross. 

Pg 35     IMG_3687.JPG
Pg 35     IMG_3695.JPG
Pg 35     IMG_3686.JPG

 Lifting up the Cross to show the new sculpture of Jesus to the world. 

Pg 36     IMG_3861.JPG
Pg 36     IMG_3853.JPG
Pg 36     IMG_3833.JPG

 Attaching the finished body of Christ to his cross. 

Pg 37     IMG_4408.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4412.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4411.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4409.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4405.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4406.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4404.JPG
Pg 37     IMG_4413.JPG



Follow me to the Father with the same love that I have for all of you, dying for you on the cross.


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