Artist Rafael Picon and the creation of the Honorable Discoverer of Florida,

Ponce de Leon.

1513 - 2013


"From imagination to creation,

from clay to bronze,

and almost four years of work."

Ponce de Leon

Location: Melbourne Beach, Ponce de Leon Landing Park, Brevard County Fl.

In Rafael's Rockledge Fl. Studio, the Masterpiece in begins in clay.

IPreparing the mold of Ponce's head and artist Loly Marquez carving the Kings head on Ponce's sword.

Pouring the bronze, artist Pearl Ollie and Rafael.

The beginning of the puzzle of the creation, The Great Ponce de Leon.

Head of Ponce after the casting.

Welding the sculpture together with silicone bronze wire.

The imfamous ladder which I fell off, breaking my ankle and back.

Almost done, Patinas and polishing.

The wonderful artist Pearl Ollie, helping me through thousands of hours of work, to make the sculpture of Ponce.

   The final piece of art, I'm proud of it....

   I would like to thank all of the people who helped make this great sculpture possible.


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